Chakra Method® is a methodology that promotes reaching the self-realization of the human being to create societies of actors aware of their evolutionary potential.

What Drives Us

our mission

When society is balanced, the people who are born, grow and develop in it, turn out to have a level of consciousness that allows them to be a positive actor for their community and environment, acting naturally towards what the speed of evolution demands in full industrial revolution 4.0.

A Manifesto for Social Progress, Ideas for a Better Society.

Chakra Method® is a framework that allows you to accelerate innovation processes in an entertaining, organized, and, above all, inspiring way.

We promote through its vision and methodological practices the union of society and the human being in 7 fundamental pillars that we require to achieve self-realization.





Chakra Method® collaborates with all the actors of society to achieve individual self-realization and then in society. We firmly believe in transversality when it comes to co-creating solutions that allow human beings to evolve at the speed of light..

We collaborate with all the actors of society through the “Quintuple Helix” innovation model, where we have developed the way to achieve unique and transformative experiences.


Chakra Method® unites industries and sectors categorized in 7 colors, which must be worked on in order to reach self-fulfillment and self-realization as a society.

The industries range from the most basic, such as social security, to the most developed, such as the Social Balance between humans and Industrie

What we love doing

Chakra Method® Hackathons

Chakra Method® creates unique frameworks for your hackathon. Together, we collaborate to find the most representative tasks and hack for solutions in record time! ​

Chakra Method® Startups

Our Program creates businesses that promote self-realization from day one, seeking to grow and develop sustainably, archiving a higher level of awareness between business and social balance.

Chakra Method® Corporations

Make innovation bringing hackathons to your corporate activities and invite all your co-workers to "think outside of the box" ,joining a new experience for themselves and the entire company culture.

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