Chakra Method®, we are a bridge towards the evolution of humans and their environment

Chakra Method® is a methodology that promotes reaching self-realization of humans to create societies actors that are aware of their evolutionary potential.

Reaching Self-Realization through 7 pillars

Chakra Method® promotes through its vision & methodological practices the union from society and human beings in 7 fundamental pillars that we require to achieve self-realization.

Chakra Method® in hack the crisis

Let´s make it #doublehack

Chakra Method® developed a special edition for Chile and Hack the Crisis.
To hack social crisis, it is essential to understand that we must place the human being first and foremost to live in a more balanced and united society.
Hackers positioned their ideas and participated in seven categories, in which seven ideas won, and one of them with a special mention under the category #doublehack for being a double impact solution for the sanitary and social crisis.

What we love doing

Chakra Method® Hackathons

Chakra Method® creates unique frameworks for your hackathon. Together, we collaborate to find the most representative tasks and hack for solutions in record time! ​

Chakra Method® Startups

Our Program creates businesses that promote self-realization from day one, seeking to grow and develop sustainably, archiving a higher level of awareness between business and social balance.

Chakra Method® Corporations

Make innovation bringing hackathons to your corporate activities and invite all your co-workers to "think outside of the box" ,joining a new experience for themselves and the entire company culture.

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